Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy

We believe that our pets should be able to enjoy an active, happy life. Our hydrotherapy is meticulously planned and a therapeutic rehabilitation plan developed tailored for each individual patient. Hydrotherapy at Ashwood is overseen and delivered by Chloe McCrory who is a fully certified veterinary hydrotherapist (Level 3 K9HS) and Registered Veterinary Nurse. Chloe has been part of the Ashwood Team since early 2017.


What is involved in a hydrotherapy session?

The first session will involve a detailed analysis of your pet’s lifestyle, current abilities and challenges and will engage with their current medical situation. It will also involve an introduction to the hydrotherapy suite environment, equipment and water. Subsequent sessions will follow a detailed therapeutic development plan to improve your dog’s strength, comfort and confidence. Please contact us at to arrange a free introductory chat with Chloe if you feel your dog may benefit from hydrotherapy or for more information.

Can I bring my dog just for a swim? 

At Ashwood, we believe that it is critical that hydrotherapy is performed safely. Every hydrotherapy session is properly structured and carefully planned to address the needs of each pet. The risk of primary or secondary drowning with unregulated “play swims” is a real risk and jumping in the water and splashing for toys heightens this risk significantly. That doesn’t mean there’s no fun though! At Ashwood our hydro sessions are a lot of fun for the dogs (and owners) and they are tailored to benefit the dog not only in terms of its physical motion, strength and well-being but also their psycological appreciation of their surroundings, their interactions with you, their owner, the hydrotherapist and designed to build confidence not only in the water but once they are on dry land at home too. Above all, we want your dog to enjoy their experience and grow in ability, comfort and confidence.

Veterinary Referrals

We accept hydrotherapy referrals from other Veterinary Practices. At Ashwood, many of our geriatric patients and orthopaedic surgery cases benefit from hydrotherapy and your dog can too. If you have not had a recent consultation with an Ashwood Veterinary Surgeon, we will require our veterinary water based physiotherapy consent and referral form to be signed by your veterinary practice.

Insurance cover for Land and Water-based Veterinary Physiotherapy

Insurance companies often will cover these sessions whi, however we cannot guarantee what level of cover your insurance company provides in this area.

How to book

Please contact us on 028 90 419374 or to arrange a free initial informal chat with Chloe about how this type of hydrotherapy can benefit your dog.

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